Art-Net Controller 1 6 Universes

Art-Net Controller has 16 universes (A16) available.

Perfect synchronization between each universe.

This controller is compatible with Art-Net protocol and MADRIX software
which allows music to lights and sound to lights.


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Powerful features, especially in combination with
the software.

Take full advantage of pixel mapping , easy to install.

The device is ready within seconds after start-up. An HTP merge is
automatically available for two Art-Net sources. If required, you can access
and change specific device settings using the built-in web configuration

Converts Art-Net data from Ethernet network to DMX51 2. It can
be used for architectural and entertainment lighting.



Model – BW-C-Art-Net -16*51 2(A1 6)

Power supply – AC1 00-240V 50-60Hz

Cable – Net Cable

DMX51 2(Out) – 16 x 512 DMX channels

DMX51 2 Ports – 3 Pin XLR female

Ethernet/ Art-Net – RJ45


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B -12, Ground Floor, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi – 110015, India

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